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5 Great Christmas Gifts to Give your Parents

Record Player

There are many new record players that are portable, attractive, and take up minimal space.  The Crosley brand record player is a sleek, modern, and inexpensive option for all parents.  The ability to hook up to different stereos allows for greater versatility and use.  The record player is no longer a big, old contraption in the living room – it can be something that travels wherever your parents may roam.  Let them use those old records that are dusty in the closet!  Maybe even throw in your parents’ favorite album to make things more personal.

Personal Gifts

Family loves to receive gifts that bring back beautiful memories.  Creating a photo album for your parents of the many years that have gone by can help to create laughs and fond memories fill the room.  Memories are the one gift you cannot put a price on.  This is a great DIY gift, or it can be created on a website such as Snapfish or Shutterfly.  Either way, you can add personal touches beyond mere photographs.  Add quotes, newspaper clippings, and more. 

Gift Card

Was there a favorite restaurant you went to with your parents?  Have fond memories at a particular store?  Consider getting a gift card if you cannot think of a physical object that would make a greater gift.  A gift card can provide the chance to get something new while reminiscing on the old.  If it is for a restaurant, consider getting them the gift card and letting them know it is for you all to head out for a meal together as a family.

New Technology

Don’t let your parents fall out of touch this holiday season.  Get a gift for your parents that satisfies their needs in the most modern way possible.  Do your parents love movies?  Do they have a BluRay player?  Have they gotten attached to their smartphone? How about a new smart watch!  There are many options available with all of the new technology.  Try to think about what your parents like and do with their time, and find new things that make the things they are interested in easier.

Gifts that Incorporate the Whole Family

Buying your parents a gift that will bring together the family makes it thoughtful and useful.  While something like a board game may seem simple, once the entire family is gathered around the table laughing, you can see just how great the gift really is!  Parents love to spend time with the family and their children, and giving a reason for that as a gift is a perfect idea!  Think of a gift that can bring the family together for years to come.

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